Production of Bioethanol from a Local Natural Resource

  • Meryem EDJEKOUANE Department of hydrocarbons and renewable energies, University of Ahmed Draia Adrar, Algeria
  • Fatma LANSARI Départment of hydrocarbons and renewable energies, University of Ahmed Draia Adrar, Algeria
  • Omar KHELIFI Laboratory of Idustrial analysis and Materials Engineering, University 8 May 1945 Guelma, Algaria.
  • Ishak BOUKHETECHE Faculty of sciences and technology, University of Ahmed Draia Adrar, Algeria
  • Hamza LAKSACI Laboratory of Energy, Environment and Information Systems, University of Ahmed Draia Adrar, Algeria
Keywords: Bioethanol, Energy Recovery, Fermentation, Local Natural Resource


In this work, we have studied the possibility of energy recovery from the fruit wastes of Adrar University as a substrate for the production of bioethanol by anaerobic bioconversion in the presence of the yeast Saccharomyces cervisiae. During this study, we have prepared a black must in which a mass of 100g of the substrate used is placed in 1 L of tap water, after fermentation at 30°C for 72 h, the solution is filtered, then centrifuged and then a fractional distillation operation was carried out in order to purify the ethanol produced and we recovered a volume of 35 ml of the bioethanol. Finally, we applied an inflammation test on the bioethanol obtained which gives a positive result. The result shows that waste from the local natural resource has great potential for the production of ethanol


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EDJEKOUANEM., LANSARIF., KHELIFIO., BOUKHETECHEI., & LAKSACIH. (2020). Production of Bioethanol from a Local Natural Resource . Algerian Journal of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development, 2(01), 56-59.

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