Monitoring of a Photovoltaic Field with Electrochemical Storage

  • Amina Maria LAOUFI Electrical engineeringdepartment, Smart Grids & Renewable Energies Laboratory. Béchar (08000), Algeria.
  • Rachid KHELFAOUI ENERGARID Laboratory, P.O.B 417 Route de Kenadza, Bechar (08000) Algeria.
  • Benmoussa DEENNAI Renewable Energy Development and their Application in the Sahran Areas Laboratorty, Bechar, Algeria
Keywords: Batteries, Electrochemical storage, Photovoltaic solar energy, solar kit, solar panel


Energy is necessary for development whether social, economic or even military. The production of energy by photovoltaic systems is very variable that depends enormously on the climatic conditions. That is why it will be necessary to think to store this energy to reuse it during night and days "without sun". Adding the storage element that makes it easier to use later. In this work, an experimental study on the test and the monitoring of the photovoltaic field will be presented with a storage system in the Sahara in the south of Algeria, namely electrochemical storage using storage batteries


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LAOUFI A. M., KHELFAOUI R., & DEENNAIB. (2020). Monitoring of a Photovoltaic Field with Electrochemical Storage. Algerian Journal of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development, 2(01), 51-55.